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20 countries that import the most

20 countries that import the most

20 countries that import the most – introduction

The 20 countries that import the most, rankings are based on the value of imports in USD rather than on trade volume. Figures are taken from Export Genius ( https://www.exportgenius.in/ ) Total imports in the world are now estimated at around 20 trillion USD.

For each of the 20 countries that import the most we provide an outline of the main imports by category and also information on which countries they primarily import from.

20 countries that import the most – Top 5


The USA is the world’s top importer with annual imports of 2.5 trillion USD, this equals about an eighth of all imports around the world. The main imports of the USA are computers, electrical equipment, chemicals, cars and vehicles, gems and precious metals, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, furniture and plastics.

The main trading partners for the USA are European Union, Canada, Mexico, Japan and China.


China is the world’s largest exporter and the 2nd largest importer. Imports total around 2 trillion USD. China mainly imports commodities such as oil, gas and iron ore but foreign cars and circuit boards are also imported in large quantities.

Key trading partners for United States, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Germany and India. China is a member of the WTO.


Germany imports oil, gas, chemicals, machinery, food, metals, vehicles, agricultural products and data processing equipment. These imports total nearly one and a quarter trillion dollars.

The main trading partners of Germany are United States, France, China, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Italy, Poland and Austria.


Japan’s main imports are oil, metal ores, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, clothing, plastics, medical equipment and computers. Japanese imports total around $720 billion.

Japan is of course also a major exporter and the main trading partners are United States, China, South Korea, Australia and Saudi Arabia.

United Kingdom

The UK is a member of WTO and GATT and it the 5th largest economy in the world and also the 5th largest importer. The UK imports around 700 billion USD of goods a year.

The main imports are electrical and mechanical machinery, scientific equipment, oil, cars, manufactured goods, pharmaceuticals and clothing. Main trade partners are United States, Germany, France, Ireland, China and Netherlands.

20 countries that import the most – 6-10


The 6th largest importer in the world is Netherlands. Netherlands main imports are fuel, food, machinery and pharmaceuticals. These imports primarily come from Germany, United States, United Kingdom, Belgium and China.


For France the biggest imports are fuel, computers, machinery, clothing and chemicals. France import partners are mainly EU countries, these being Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy and Spain.

Hong Kong

It is no surprise that around 45% of Hong Kong imports are from China. Other countries that Hong Kong imports from are also mainly in Asia with Singapore and South Korea being prominent. The main imports are machinery and transport equipment, food and manufactured goods.

South Korea

South Korea main imports are mineral fuels and oils, electrical machinery and equipment, nuclear reactors, boilers, road vehicles and optical equipment. South Korea has only two main trading partners, China and United States.


Fast growing India is currently the 10th biggest importer in the world. India imports around 480 billion dollars of good each year but this can be expected to grow.

Main imports are oil, plastics, chemicals, iron and steel, animal oil, medical equipment, computers, machinery, gems and precious metals.

20 countries that import the most – 11-15


Total imports: 473 billion USD

Main imports: Metals, engineering products, oil, vehicles, chemicals.

Imports from: Germany, France, United States, United Kingdom.


Total imports: 467 billion USD

Main imports: Machinery, chemicals, consumer goods.

Imports from: United States (over 75%), Canada.


Total imports: 453 billion USD

Main imports: Cars, machinery, textiles, chemicals.

Imports from: United States, China, UK, Mexico, Japan.


Total imports: 426 billion USD

Main imports: Machinery, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, oil.

Imports from: Netherlands, Germany, France.


Total imports: 375 billion USD

Main imports: Oil, steel, clothing, cars, pharmaceuticals.

Imports from: France, Germany, Italy, UK, USA.

20 countries that import the most

20 countries that import the most

20 Countries that import the most – 16-20


Total imports: 359 billion USD

Main imports: Oil, machinery, transport equipment.

Imports from: China, USA, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia.


Total imports: 285 billion USD

Main imports: Electrical goods, oil, mineral products and chemicals.

Imports from: China, USA, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Australia.


Total imports: 277 billion USD

Main imports: Precious metals and gems, pharmaceuticals, machinery.

Imports from: Germany, France, Italy, USA.


Total imports: 271 billion USD

Main imports: Computers, electrical products, machinery, instruments.

Imports from: USA, South Korea, Japan.


Total imports: 246 billion USD

Main imports: Machinery, manufactured goods, chemicals, transport equipment, minerals, fuels.

Imports from: Germany, China, Italy, USA.


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20 countries that import the most

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