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B2B marketplace – About blackcat360.com

blackcat360.com is a one stop shop for all export & import requirements for small and medium sized exporters & importers around the world. On blackcat360.com you can sell, buy, communicate direct in real time, watch product videos from a wide range of suppliers, find international trade information, plan export marketing campaigns & execute them so as to build export sales.

B2B marketplace – The database

The blackcat360.com B2B marketplace is an interactive database of worldwide suppliers divided into 50 product and service categories. The database is FREE to use for selling or buying. An example of a listing can be seen here:

B2B Marketplace china

Our easy to use ‘Add Listing’ registration and listings software enables you to build for your company an effective sales tool in the form of a colourful listings page on our website database and you will appear in all relevant searches for products or services like yours. All enquiries will come direct to the email address that you provided. You can also include a phone number, address and website address. You can even use our website as your website if you don’t have your own.

An enhanced premium version for database listings will be added to blackcat360.com soon. Check our website regularly to find out more details or subscribe to our e-newsletter.

The database can be searched by product category, country and keyword to ensure that you find what you are looking for on blackcat360.com

The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is generally considered to the world’s oldest continuously operating, purpose-built marketplace and its construction began in 1455! With around 91 million visitors a year the Grand Bazaar is a labyrinth of 61 covered streets with many shops build into the supporting archways.

B2B marketplace – 50 categories

More than 50 categories to select from when adding your products and services to our B2B marketplace database:

The world’s most traded commodity is crude oil, well maybe no surprise! Other top traded commodities are gas, precious metals, coffee and sugar.

B2B marketplace – Why list in blackcat360.com

FREE to use

Fast growing traffic and user numbers on our website – we are already in the top 0.5% of all websites in the world for visitor numbers

Our social media campaigns reach over 40 million international trade professionals worldwide

Many buyers on our website every day

50 categories to select from

Enquiries come direct to you

Blackcat360.com is an international trade search engine with search options by country, product category and keyword

You can use your listing on blackcat360.com as your website saving you the cost of having your own website designed and hosted – see below for details

You can list multiple businesses under one account on blackcat360.com

Visual, informative and concise company pages which also allow the addition of individual products

We can add it for you – see below for details

Whilst the biggest online market place is Amazon, the largest market as our grandparents knew them is Chatuchak Market in Bangkok. The vast Chatuchak Market covers over 35 acres with more than 8,000 market stalls, this colourful marketplace enables you to buy anything you want. Chatuchak Market has over200,000 shoppers on a typical weekend.

B2B Marketplace – How to list

Listing on the blackcat360.com B2B marketplace is very easy and fast, usually it takes only 5 minutes.

First, visit our website and click the ‘ADD LISTING’ button

Complete the simple registration form

Once registered log in and click ‘NEW LISTING’

Complete the listing form. To do this you will need:

– Some information about your company and products

– Email address, phone number for buyer enquiries

– A picture

Decide which categories your products and services fit into, you can select up to 5.

Select the country that you operate from.

Click save, your entry will now be sent to our Admin for approval. Usually approval is made the same day or we will contact you with any problems. Once your listing on the B2B marketplace database is approved it goes live and buyers can find you.

Now your listing is approved you can add individual products by logging on to your account, click ‘My Listings’ select the listing you want and then click ‘Edit’ and then ‘Add Products’. Once your product listings are approved they will be added to your listing and will be visible to buyers.

For best results and more enquiries give a longer description of your business and be sure to mention all of your products by name so that they are found in searches.

World trade is now 22.3 trillion US dollars, size of world trade in 1950, about 500 million US dollars. Trade has grown 43 times over in 72 years.

B2B Marketplace – We can add your listing for you for FREE!

If you would like a listing on the blackcat360.com B2B Marketplace database but don’t want to add it yourself then no problem. We can add it for you for FREE. Just send a message to us on info@blackcat360.com or use our contact us form. All we need is confirmation that you want to be added, the name of the business and a website address (if you have one).

The largest cargo ship in the world is Ever A lot. It is a container ship and she can carry a lot of containers, the vessel is 400 meters long and 61.5 meters wide. It can carry up to 24,004 20ft containers.

B2B Marketplace – Use blackcat360.com as your website

Having a website designed and built and paying for hosting space is expensive. This can be an unaffordable asset for a new or small business and yet having a website is an indispensable sales tool for export. This is where blackcat360.com can help, add your business to our database and then use our website as yours by using a link to your blackcat360.com page. This is FREE and you can even ask us to do it for you.

The term marketplace comes from the Latin word mercatus “market place”

B2B Marketplace – Searching for what you NEED

The blackcat360.com B2B Marketplace database works just like a normal search engine. Just visit our home page and at the top of the page you will see the search boxes (a bit like Google). You can search by product category, by country, or if you prefer just type in a description of what you are looking for and our search engine will do the rest.

Rail transport now carries just 0.03% of all world trade goods with both sea and air transport much preferred.


about the blackcat360.com B2B Marketplace database please email to info@blackcat360.com

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