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car exports - top 20 countries

Car exports – 20 countries that export the most cars

Car exports – 20 countries that export the most cars – Introduction

Car exports were equal to $782 billion in 2022 and cars are the fifth most traded product category in the world.  This was an increase of 7.5% on the 2021 figures. The largest importers of cars are USA, China, UK, Germany, France, Australia and Canada.

Figures below are in millions of USD and are for 2023.

Car exports – 20 countries that export the most cars 16-20

Thailand – car exports from Thailand were 33,611 million USD in 2023. There is only one Thai car manufacturer that being Thai Rung. Thai Rung is often shortened to TR and was established in 1967 in Bangkok.

Netherlands – 30,869 VDL Nedcar is the only production car manufacturer in the Netherlands.

Turkiye – 30,336 Turkiye has progressed a lot since the days of Anadol and now has producers and car exporters such as Tofas and electric car company Karsan.

Sweden – 27,618 Saab is probably the best known Swedish car exporter with the famous Saab Turbo one of their best known products.

Hungary – 27,536 United States, United Kingdom and Germany are the main buyers of Hungarian car exports.

Car exports – 20 countries that export the most cars 11-15

Italy – 53,836 No one designs cars with style quite like the Italians. My favourite car brand is Alfa Romeo, what is yours? Let us know in the comments. Famous Italian car brands include Fiat, Lamborghini, Ferrari and Maserati.

Czechia – 52,226 The home of Skoda a car brand that has transformed it image!

United Kingdom – 50,050 The UK car manufacturing industry is unfortunately a shadow of what it once was but the country still has several prestige brands for export.

Slovakia – 41,341 Slovakia is a home for foreign car manufacturers.

Poland – 37,988 Hydrocar and Melex are Polish car exporters.

Top 20 exporter countries for cars

Top 20 exporter countries for cars

Car exports – 20 countries that export the most cars 6-10

South Korea – 95,133 South Korean made cars main export markets are USA, UK, Canada, Australia and Germany.

Spain – 65,334 SEAT carries the torch for Spanish car exports and is the countries only mass producer of cars.

Canada – 63,705 – Canadian car manufacturers include some very interesting companies such as Conquest. Conquest specialize in armoured, luxury SUV’s, typically with only a few hundred vehicles made of each model.

Belgium – 63,573 – Car exporters from Belgium include Addaz, Edran, E-car, Carat and Gillet.

France – 60,299 – French cars are mostly exported to Germany, Italy, Belgium, Spain the United Kingdom.

Car exports – 20 countries that export the most cars – 1-5

Germany – 291,735 Germany is the largest exporter of cars in the world. The car manufacture industry in Germany accounts for 5% of GDP. The main exports markets for German cars are China, United States, United Kingdom, Italy and France.

China – 199,746 Major car manufacturers and exporters in China include SAIC Motor Corporation, China FAW Group Company Ltd, BAIC Motor Corporation Ltd, BYD Co Ltd and Dongfeng Motor Group Ltd. China is major exporter of electric cars and considerable tariffs are charged on these cars when exported to the USA and EU.

Japan – 158,199 Japan was once the leader in world car exports but the dominance of other countries in electric cars has meant Japan has now dropped to third.

Mexico – 156,466 To be honest it was a surprise to be including Mexico at number 4 in this list but Mexico is indeed the fourth largest for car exports. Mexican car brands include Zacua, Ron, Elfi, Kiri and Solana.

United States – 153,074 – The United States is the home of mass produced motor vehicles with the Model T Ford leading the way. Main exporters now are Ford, GMC, Chrysler, Jeep and Tesla.


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