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crazy brand names

Crazy brand names – some are really quite smart as well

Crazy brand names – some great examples

Crazy brand names – some of which are really rather clever! I have managed to find some great examples of crazy brand names that will give you a laugh.  Would start a company called Analtech!!?? Or Passmore Gas??

These crazy brand names are from a wider range of sectors of the economy and a lot of them are fully planned and intended to be a bit crazy with both advantages and risks attached. I think these examples are a combination of trying hard to gain attention, wanting to come up with something memorable and clever plays on words and slang. Some of them though people just didn’t think it through!

For anyone who missed the first article, there is a link to it below. This article also goes through the methodology needed to make sure you develop a good brand name that works internationally and gives ideas and tips on doing just that.

Brand names for international sales – Enjoy!

Crazy brand names – lets take a look


bad brand names

Crazy brand names don’t come any crazier than this. Not really sure what the plan was here but it is memorable if nothing else.  No one will forget Analtech in a hurry.

Bad brand names

Not too much wrong with the brand name but the creative execution gives us a laugh. Ripple is a good brand name for a milk product and the package design is classy. Human eye just sees Nipple though.

Bad brand names

Is there a town called Passmore? Using the name of the town as the brand name would be fine if they were not selling gas. I think the humour here is well intended.

Bad brand names

This one is hard to explain especially for a restaurant. You can only think that the founder was not well versed in some slang terms.

Bad brand names

I think they did this one on purpose. It is memorable, it gets a laugh and maybe it even gets the customers in.

Bad brand names

As Captain Kirk would say “double dumb ass on you”. This is a cultural one, probably works just fine in the USA but would not really translate to most other countries. Good brand name for domestic usage but not one that works well worldwide.

Bad brand names

This brand name is quite main stream and not so crazy but it is ‘in your face’. The creative execution could be better to give the brand name more stand out. Having gone down the route of stand out the brand name disappears a bit in the package design.

Bad brand names

Crazy brand names, YES. In fact both names Donkey Balls and Dirty Balls are a bit crazy but the creative work is great and if you bought these and loved them you would for sure remember the product name.

Bad brand names

Another risky one but obviously very planned and thought out. Nice bit of humour.

Bad brand names

I have been told that this product is actually delicious! Monkey Gland Sauce doesn’t really sound delicious though. Creative work is ok.

Crazy brand names – some useful links

If you would like your own crazy brand name then you can use this link to help you generate one:


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Crazy brand names

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