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How do I list my business on blackcat360.com?

Click one of the ‘Add listing’ buttons on the home page. Adding a listing is easy and takes only 10 minutes.

Who can list on blackcat360.com?

Any business in the world will be able to list on blackcat360.com

How much does a listing cost?

Listings are free.

Does my listing go live straight away?

All new listings are checked for validity, this usually involves checking the copy, website, company functions, products/services, etc. Listings are usually then made live within 2-3 days.

Can I make changes to my initial listing?

Yes you can log on to your listing at any time to makes changes.

How long are listings kept live for?

You can keep your listing for as long as you wish

How do I find out about new developments with blackcat360.com?

The latest developments for blackcat360.com will be in our latest news section on the website and also in our regular e-newsletter.

What do I do if I have problems with my listing?

Send us a message to help@blackcat360.com and we will be pleased to help

How do potential customers or clients contact me via blackcat360.com

There will be options to message you (which will forward to your email address) or phone or visit your website

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