India is the 5th biggest economy in the world has a population of 1.35 billion people. India has an incredible 447 languages but the offical languages are Hındi and English. Nomınal gross domestic product (GDP) was estimate to be $3.2 trillion for 2020 with per capita income of $2,338, the 139th highest in thw world. The currency is the Rupee and the time is UTC +05.30 (IST).

fastest growing economy on each continent

India Economy

By sector:

• Agriculture – 15.4%
• Industry – 23%
• Services – 61.5%

India Exports

India main exports by category:

• Mineral fuels
• Gems, precious metals
• Machinery including computers
• Chemicals
• Vehicles
• Pharmaceuticals
• Electronic equipment
• Iron and steel
• Clothing

India Imports

India main imports by category:

• Mineral fuels/oil
• Gems and precious metals
• Electrical machinery
• Machinery including computers
• Chemicals
• Plastics
• Iron and steel
• Animal fats and oils
• Optical and medical equipment
• Fertilizers

India Trade Information

India’s main trade partners are China, USA, UAE, Saudı Arabia, Switzerland, Germany, Indonesia and South Korea.

India is a member of WHO, APTA and SAARC.

Total value of export – 23 billion Rupees

Total value of imports – 35 billion Rupees

India Business Development

Ease of doing business ranking – 63rd in the world

International dialling code – +91

Main business domain – .in

Blackcat360 India business development potential – HOT

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