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You can use the EXPORT SALES AGENTS section of to find an export sales agent in the country that you would like to export to. Just use the search facility on our home page and select ‘Export sales agents’ then select the country you wish to search for and click ‘Search Listings’ to see the results. Then you can make contact directly with any export sales agents that you are interested in just by clicking the contact button.

If you are an export sales agent and you are seeking new products to sell in your country, you can list your company on and suppliers from other countries will find you on our website. To add your company to the export sales agents section just visit our website, click ‘Add Listing’, register and log in.

Once logged in you can add your company details via the online form, make sure that you include ‘export sales agents’ as one of your categories (although you can also add your company to other categories as well if you wish). Then save your listing and one of the administrators will approve the listing and it will become live. Businesses with products they want to sell in your country can then find you on our website and make contact directly with you.

The export sales agents section of our website is FREE to use if you are an export sales agent or if you are searching for businesses who can sell your products in other countries. Listing a business takes only 5-10 minutes.

On you can find export sales agents from every country in the world (except Russia). It is also possible to search for export sales agents by products, just type the name of the product you are interested in into the ‘type product name here’ box and click search – you will find all that you need.

Export sales agents can be an excellent means to enter a new market or country. Usually export sales agents will work on a commission basis and so the upfront costs are relatively few. They will also have good local connections and a thorough knowledge of the local market, culture and customs. An export sales agent will also be able to take care of any necessary paperwork when dealing with local authorities. So this is a simple, fast and easy way to build your export sales.

If you are an export sales agent then by listing on our website you will be approached by suppliers of approved quality with great products that you can add to your portfolio of products to sell. Suppliers are able to contact you directly from for free.

Export Sales Agents United Kingdom & USA – Free Business Listing

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