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The global furniture market was worth around 475 USD billion in 2020 and is expected to grow to around 720 USD billion by 2028. As incomes around the world increase furniture is one of the products that people are replacing on a more frequent basis.

The furniture market is divided into seven main segments which are Living Room Furniture, Bedroom Furniture, Kitchen & Dining Furniture, Outdoor Furniture, Home Office Furniture, Lamps and Lighting, and Floor Covering. The furniture category covers all of these except lamps and lighting (which has its own category) and floor coverings which primarily as classed as household goods.

China is the largest manufacturer of furniture in the world although the largest company is Ashley Furniture Industries from the United States. Other major manufacturers of furniture are UK, Germany, Italy, Poland, India and Japan. The biggest export markets for furniture are United States, which imported around 54 billion USD of furniture in 2020, and Germany which imported around 16 billion USD.

The furniture category on the website includes all items of furniture for the home, office, garden and commercial premises. There is a separate category for lighting and fittings and also for household goods. It is of course fine to list your company and products in more than one of these categories if it is appropriate, for example if you are a producer of lighting fixtures then this can be listed in ‘lighting and fittings’ and also in ‘furniture’. In fact we would encourage you to list in all relevant categories to increase your chances of finding more buyers.

If you want to build your international export sales for furniture items then you can list your company and products on for FREE. Listing your company and products on is easy and takes only about 5-10 minutes. Just click the ‘Add Listing’ tab on our website, register and then log in, complete the new listing form and save it. One of our admin staff will then approve the listing and it will be live on our website. You can then add your individual products.

If you want to buy furniture products for import, you can use our website to source exactly what you need. Just visit the home page and select the ‘furniture’ category. You can also choose to source from specific countries and to search for specific products. Our website is free to use for buyers and you can make direct contact with the suppliers you are interested in.

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