Kamal Textile Mills (Pvt) Ltd

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Kamal has been the name of one of the most innovative textile producers for over 50 years now. Kamal Spinning Mill’s first spindle of yarn in 1954 set the ball rolling for dynamic development culminiating in the inception of a total independent and vertical textile unit in the late 20th century. Today Kamal Group is one of the leading producers of textiles. Our technical perfection, quality standards and innovative impact are unique. Kamal has today become one of the leading symbol of quality. Kamal Group is situated in the famous city of Faislabad which is known as the hub of textile industry in Asia. Tracing its roots back to just a spinning mill in early 1950’s, Kamal with the passage of time has evolved into a complete modern textile solution equipped with the latest machinery and equipment offering its client over half a century of excellence.
  • Textiles and Fabrics


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