Business Description
Founded in 1972, Western Rubbers is a leading manufacturer of rubber and PTFE components across the globe. Our expertise: In a broad sense, our manufacturing expertise with elastomers can be classified into the following product categories; Inflatable Seals, O Rings, Tubes, Hoses, Diaphragms, Gaskets, Customised Rubber Extrusions, and Customised Rubber Moulding. Going beyond: Elastomers are known to 'not' bond easily with other material. However, with years of R&D, Western Rubbers has developed the capabilities of bonding rubber with literally any other material, be it metal, plastic, fibre, or even PTFE! Our quality: Having more than 50% of our business coming from global markets, quality has always been the number one priority for Western Rubbers. It is imperative that we are always updated with our quality compliances and certifications,. Our USP: It is safe to say that throughout the product manufacturing process, we are completely self-reliant. This is because we undertake every operation right from tooling/mold making to rubber component manufacturing to QC testing and checking, fully in-house. Your benefit: Since we control literally every operation in-house, we pass on significant cost and lead time benefits to you. Visit us at westernrubbers.com to know more about us
  • Automotive Parts and Accessories
  • Construction and Building Products
  • Engineering
  • Plastics and Rubber


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