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Our company called Nucolapa is engaged in Manufacturing which processes Coconut products such as Coconut Shell Charcoal, Cocopeat and Cocofiber. In addition, we also have products related to Charcoal, such as Hardwood Charcoal and Halaban Wood Charcoal. Nucolapa itself is located in Surabaya, Indonesia, meanwhile Our factory itself is Located in Banyuwangi, Indonesia . Nucolapa was founded in 2020, which is a private business company with a wide variety of customers or buyers. We are ready to serve customers from various countries and according to their needs. Supported by our production team who are ready to produce according to customer requirements and the existence of a quality control team and the best technology we use, this makes customer satisfaction our top priority. And we are professionally could handle any kind of incoterms or used to call International Commercial Terms.
  • Agricultural Products


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