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Krishnendu Ayurvedic Hospital, located in the peaceful village of Chingoli in Kerala's Alappuzha district, is a certified Ayurveda treatment center. Covering 2 acres, the hospital offers a serene environment that enables patients to relax and connect with nature. The hospital's founder, Late M.C. Kunjuraman Vaidyan, established it, and Vaidya Kala Nidhi R. Krishnan Vaidyan has developed it over time. Vaidyan comes from a family of Ayurvedic experts with four generations of knowledge and experience. The hospital follows traditional Ayurvedic formulas to prepare medicines for treatments and has a team of professional therapists to administer therapies. Krishnendu Ayurvedic Hospital specializes in Internal Medicine, Arthritis, Spine disorders, and Rejuvenation treatments to promote optimal health and well-being. Patients can walk amidst lush greenery and paddy fields, inhaling fresh air that helps rejuvenate their body, mind, and soul during their treatment. If you are searching for an authentic Ayurveda treatment center in Kerala, Krishnendu Ayurvedic Hospital is an excellent choice.   Treatments Ayurveda treatment for back pain ayurveda treatment for neck pain ayurevda treatment for weight loss ayuvreda treatment for obesity panchakarama treatments To reach website : : 04792486337 EMail Ayurveda treatment center in kerala
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