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A varsity jacket white would feature sleeves made of white leather or vinyl and a body made of white wool. Also white and ribbed would be the waistline, cuffs, and collar. The embroidered letter or letters on the breast would probably be in a contrasting color, such as black or navy blue, and the jacket may be fastened with snaps or buttons. White varsity jackets can be a fashionable option for a tidy and timeless appearance, but they may also need extra upkeep and care to be clean and stain-free. The body of an off-white varsity jacket would be made of wool in a creamy or mild yellowish-white hue, and the sleeves would be made of leather or vinyl in a similar off-white hue. Off-white and ribbed accents would also be used on the waistline, cuffs, and collar. Contrasting needlework or patches in hues like black, navy blue, or red may be included on this kind of jacket to provide a strong visual contrast with the off-white backdrop. In contrast to a pure white jacket, a varsity jacket off white can have a softer, more vintage vibe and be paired with a variety of ensembles.
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August 24, 2023

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