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Marketing @ blackcat360.com

Blackcat360.com provides 3 types of marketing to businesses around the world.

Export marketing:

We will develop an international marketing plan for your business to meet the objectives you give in your brief. The marketing plan will include a plan of action and costing to achieve your objectives. These objectives can include launching your products into new markets, build more sales in existing markets, new product launches, etc.

To build your export sales email to info@blackcat360.com

Marketing & Design projects:

If you NEED:

Website design - multiple languages options available

Logo design

Online marketing/online PR

Social media campaigns

Marketing to support import/export, international trade development and entry to new international markets

Marketing IT


English language copywriting

Public relations

Graphic design

To make an enquiry please email to info@blackcat360.com

Blogs management, ideas & copywriting:

We offer 3 alternative packages.

We come up with the ideas to attract and engage website visitors, write the updates for agreed keywords and manage the process. We can also tie in to your social media channels and recommend new channels to reach your target market.

Check out our own blackcat360.com blogs/latest news to see what we can do for you: https://blackcat360.com/news/

One update per month (at least 600 words) – 250.00 GBP per month

Two updates per month (at least 600 words each) – 500.00 GBP per month

One update per week (at least 600 words each) – 900.00 GBP per month

This is a great way to generate enquiries and awareness. To discuss further please email to info@blackcat360.com

Our Experience

We have worked with businesses in countries such as United Kingdom, Turkey, Germany, Italy, Singapore, China, Japan, Hong Kong & Spain to achieve their marketing objectives.

Campaigns are fulfilled by our sister brand e-Moonlighting.com.

To view examples of our work please take a look here.

To make an enquiry please email to info@blackcat360.com

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