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building international sales

Building international sales – focus on some new advertisers

Building international sales – focus on some new advertisers

blackcat360.com was launched on 12th January 2021, so we are still a baby of a company! Our objective is to become a major online portal for world trade, a place where businesses around the globe can find buyers for their products or buy the products they need at the right price, quality and timescale.

blackcat360.com will also be a place where businesses can find the information they need to build international sales, this has already begun with our regular updates to the latest news section and the Country Guides. The latest news articles cover a wide range of useful topics so as focus on specific countries, new and innovative product information, export opportunities and details of new trade deals.

Check out the index on our website News section for all the articles available.

In the future we will be adding some great new features for both advertisers and buyers which will enable interaction in real time to meet urgent sourcing and sales needs, a products video library and enhanced advertising opportunities. Subscribe to our e-newsletter to stay updated with all that is happening.

In this news update we want to focus on three of our new advertisers, tell you what they can offer and persuade you to join them on blackcat360.com

Building international sales – focus on some new advertisers

Jong Stit Co., Ltd

Jong Stit Co., Ltd is a manufacturer of textiles based in Bangkok, Thailand.

What is different about Jong Stit Co., Ltd is the companies commitment to environmental issues as outlined here:

The world is full of pollution due to various causes — Jong Stit as a corporate share a part of the causes. The company so launches an eco-friendly concept that in order to contribute to the society as a whole in one or the other way and become fully independent and sustainable in the upcoming future.

As far as the environment is concerned, Jong Stit as a corporate organization launches new innovation leveraging recylced PET to generate green fibers. We also have Eco-Max sub-concept of preserving water in producing products.

Our company has achieved various global standards that ensure we meet responsible management in all 3 notions of sustainability: society, environment and economy. We gained various certifications like OEKO-TEX, GRS standard for yarn and fiber recycling, Green Label, etc. Especially, GRS certification for sustainable organization ensures restoration of significant ecosystem service, improved social standards.

Furthermore, we strictly control waste disposal in such a way that the water consumption is optimized by constructing engineer water treatment. This thereby reducing waste water usage and minimizing energy consumptions and would be beneficial to each individual and the earth as a whole.

Jong Stit Co., Ltd

Building international sales – focus on some new advertisers

Winery Gileni

Winery Gileni is a wine producer from the country of Georgia. Georgia is very famous for the quality of its wine and many experts believe that wine was actually invented in Georgia!

Established in 2003 the vineyard was a dream come true for the family that founded the business. The vineyard produces a selection of red, white and rose wines as well as the famous Georgian brandy ‘Cha Cha’. The company employs socially vulnerable people but at the same time uses the latest international wine production technology.


Winery “Gileni”

Building international sales – focus on some new advertisers

Jay Ambe Engineers

Jay Ambe Engineers is an engineering company from Gujarat in India. The company has been in operation since 1992 and is a major producer and exporter of industrial valves.

The company has developed the trade marked ‘METALSEATED’ brand name for its range of industrial valves. Jay Ambe Engineers offers a wide range of industrial valves available in forged steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, cast steel, as material of construction and pressure rating ranging from 150# to 1500# as per API and British standards.


Metalseated (Jay Ambe Engineers)

Building international sales – focus on some new advertisers

If you would like to join these companies in benefiting from being a FREE advertiser on blackcat360.com you can go to out home page and click ‘ADD LISTING’ – it only takes 5-10 minutes to add a listing. Or alternatively, if you would prefer us to add your listing for you, just send an email to info@blackcat360.com with a link to your website or information about your business and products.

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Building international sales – focus on some new advertisers

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