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Georgian wines

Focus on products: Georgian wine

Focus on products: Georgian wine – About Georgia

Every Georgian will be proud to tell you that Georgia is the birth place of the wonderful drink that is wine! Before we look at Georgian wine it is worth telling you a bit about the country of Georgia because it is a country that many people do not know so much about.

Georgia is located in the south Caucasus and has borders with Turkey, Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenia. The capital is the unique and historic city of Tbilisi, the population of the country is around 3.7 million and around one third of the population reside in the capital. The economy is based largely on agriculture and wine production, construction and tourism.

Tourism in Georgia was booming prior to the Covid 19 pandemic with tourists to the country visiting to explore the amazing countryside, scenery and mountains, take a sun holiday on the Black Sea coast or enjoy a city break in Tbilisi. Perhaps though, it is wine production that Georgia is most famous for.

Focus on products: Georgian wine – History of Georgian wine

The history of wine in Georgia can be traced back over 8,000 years to when people in Georgia discovered that if grape juice was buried in a pit underground it would turn into wine. The art of producing wine then developed with the use of large clay pots called kveris into which the grape juice could be poured and left underground for long periods of time to turn into wine. This technique is still in use today and wine production using this method can be viewed in wineries around country.

This method of producing wine even has heritage protection status with UNESCO!

Focus on products: Georgian wine – Types of wine from Georgia

Georgian wine is produced from an incredibly wide variety of grapes, over 400 in total. Wine producers are located in 18 regions of the small country. Perhaps the best known grape variety is Saperavi and you will find Saperavi  wine on the menu of every restaurant in the country. Saperavi is usually available as draught wine in one litre and half litre jugs as well as in bottles. Georgia produces both red and white wines but if you visit a wine shop in the country you will see that on balance the red is more popular.

One wine I think that is unique to Georgia is ‘orange’ wine. Orange wine is really a white wine that is made using the same techniques as red wine, it is a slow process with the grape skins left in contact with the juice for up to 6 months. It certainly has a unique taste.

Another great product from Georgia is ‘Cha Cha’, this drink is made from the left overs of the wine making process and is more like a spirit than a wine. Incredibly strong and with a taste of its own you really should at least give it a try.

One personal recommendation is to try the Georgian sparkling white wines. Of course they are not allowed to call them champagnes but they certainly of a similar quality to French champagnes at a small fraction of the cost. My recommendation is Bagrationi Classic Semi Dry.

Focus on products: Georgian wine – Export markets

The five top countries for import of Georgian wine are: Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Poland and China. Georgia has been able to open up many new markets for the export of its wines in recent years and the products are now exported to 33 countries worldwide.

Significant growth markets for the export of Georgian wine include United Kingdom, USA, Germany, Latvia, Estonia, Canada and Japan. If you would like to see more detailed statistics for export of Georgian wine the information can be viewed here on the government wine production website: https://wine.gov.ge/En

Focus on products: Georgian wine – How to buy

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Focus on products: Georgian wine

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